Winner of the Defold game competition and heading for GDC 2016 for its live debut. A tactical shoot em’ up where Space Invades meets Super Mario Galaxy. For Windows, Mac, iOS and your browser.


Swedish indie developers CGA Moment lets you dive into zero gravity by mashing strategic gameplay with retro arcade shoot em’ up. Jump from planet to planet, collect bombs, fight off enemies with your laser and defeat the bosses lurking inside each planet. Simple, unique and addictive gameplay with a cosmic twist.



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Cosmic Crescendo was created with direct inspiration from classics like Space Invaders and Bomb Jack but injected with a modern twist of games such as Super Mario Galaxy and Resogun. While shmup might be its main genre, it’s a unique, immersive game which allows you to go in between planets, using them for defense and offense tactical gameplay, make it unlike anything else. The combination of old and new is also presented in the games graphics – A blend between ’90s PC and Commodore box art with modern high-resolution, cosmic landscapes. All set to a drone-like soundtrack.



Cosmic Crescendo supports up to 4 players at once, is easy to pickup and can be played for minutes or hours. It’s simple mechanics of picking up bombs, deploying them, destroying planets, defeating the enemies and finishing with a deadly boss encounter is not bound to one platform as it can be played in-browser or be downloaded to your Mac and PC.

Its debut being premiered at the floor of this year’s GDC in San Francisco.

Cosmic Crescendo was developed by CGA Moment, consisting of Jacob, who grew up during the Commodore era, and his younger counterpart, Gustav Björklind, who grow up during the PC’s gaming resurgence. Both share an infinite amount of love for visual experience and the means of genuine, fun and core gameplay.


Pre-GDC version 0.5
The game is free, without any in-game purchases.
Follow our development progress and get game updates via our Twitter or via our mailing list.


©2021 CGA Moment.
Developed by Jacob and Gustav Björklind.
Music by Danny Kreutzfeldt.
Made using the Defold game engine.
Marketing by Valdemar

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